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Technologies For The Blind

Unprecedented Freedom and Accessibility for Blind Pedestrians

If you are a blind person who wishes to have total control and autonomy over every aspect of your life — then we have an amazing solution for you. At Global Tactile, LLC, leading neuroengineers have created the future in accessibility and wayfinding technologies for the blind.

Imagine a world where you can navigate freely and autonomously with confidence and ease. Imagine being able to walk to any place, along any route, with total confidence and control that rivals sighted walking. Imagine always knowing exactly where you are, and exactly where you are heading — and imagine never veering off course or getting disoriented again.

With our unique and advanced technologies, you will be able to navigate confidently and effortlessly. Our technology works so well, you'll be able to give accurate and precise guided tours along your favorite newly discovered places.


Blind Pedestrians Veer and Get Lost

Unfortunately, blind people have to deal with orientation and veering problems. In this video, one of our blind testers (JD) tries to walk straight to a specific destination in the park. Although JD uses a cane to negotiate obstacles, he still veers drastically and unpredictably — never reaching his desired destination. This is a common problem for blind pedestrians. In fact, most blind people wouldn't even consider trying to walk to a specific arbitrary location without constant and reliable feedback such as along sidewalks or by using similar reliable landmarks.

As you can see by JD's veering, blind people have to deal with getting disoriented and lost when walking. Guide dogs and walking canes help blind pedestrians avoid the dangers of collisions and falls. Those solutions reliably give blind pedestrians the ability to move around without getting injured. However, unfortunately, extremely limited mobility and risk of becoming disoriented or lost are still serious and common issues for blind people throughout their daily lives... Until now!


Our Technology Eliminates Disorientation And Veering

In this video, JD is still using his white cane for avoiding obstacles, but he is also using one of our amazing navigation devices. This allows JD to walk perfectly straight along any route, and to any destination — without a single stride veering off course!

Notice how JD no longer veers, and he walks to exactly the same destination every time he tries. With Global Tactile, blind people like JD will be able to walk with true freedom and confidence. With our technology, you will be able to walk anywhere in the world, and will never experience disorientation, veering, or getting lost again.


Total. Complete. Independence.

Global Tactile has solved the most challenging navigation and accessibility hurdles for blind pedestrians. Our technologies will let blind pedestrians navigate with precision and confidence. With Global Tactile, you will travel freely and confidently.

Our innovative technologies are completely safe, simple to use, and will give true and unprecedented independence and freedom for blind users, giving them richer and more productive lives.

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